Meet our newest artist collab

Ryhia Dank, a.k.a @nardurna 

<-- This is Ryhia :)

Ryhia is a Gudanji/Wakaja artist originally from the remote community of Borroloola in the Gulf of Carpentaria, Northern Territory. 

Ryhia grew up splitting her time between the NT and holidays on the Goldy with her paternal grandparents of English/Irish and Spanish/Austrian decent.

After finishing school, Ryhia moved to Melbourne where she met her now fiance Aaron. They now live on the Sunny Coast, QLD, Australia!

Ryhias painting is storywork. She calls her storying, Nardurna, which in her language means 'Women"

This artwork is of a diverse community of juwarda (people) coming together creating a strong bond, leaning off each other during testing times.

We are so stoked to collaborate with Ryhia and hope you love this new print as much as we do!

The Budgy Smuggler Crew xoxo

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