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Boys Francis Fox
Boys Francis Fox

Boys Francis Fox


Francis Fox the cheekiest fox alive

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Francis Fox, Son of Frank Fox, has always been a cheeky little fox, strutting his way around beaches with his signature bow tie. 

During his Summer days, he swims amongst the fishes while attempting to catch squid. During Winter Francis puts on his coat to hibernate, the water gets a bit chilli. 

Francis' hobbies include fishing, skipping, arts and crafts. He inherited his dad's puppy dog eyes and is starting to develop mastery of defying the laws of physics, science and nature. 

When Francis Fox grows up he wants to join his father in the Budgy Cinematic Universe and become part of the evil empire. 



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    Age: 6-12 mths

    Waist: 50-52 cm

    Waist: 19.5 inch

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