Pink Pricks
Pink Pricks

Pink Pricks


Pink Pricks.

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Pink Prick Cactus Swimwear. 

Well, my Summer internship is finally over. :)  Its been lots of fun. People at Budgy HQ have been super awesome to work for. Though I don't know if they check over my work. It feels nice to be trusted. 

Hopefully my fellow Smugglers on the interweb have been reading this far down the page.

Use the code "PinkPricks" by Intern Pete to get $10 off your order.

Intern Pete over and out.

Hopefully see you next Summer. I'm sure Budgy will see the funny side of this :) 

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  • 28


    Waist: 70-75 (cm)

    Waist: 28 (inch)

    Speedo Size: 10

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