Photo Competitions 2021

#MySmugglingRemake 2021

Fellow Smugglers & Smugglettes,

 Welcome to our biggest photo / video competition EVER: MySmugglingRemake2021 is here and there’s over $50k in Ultimate Smuggling Party Packages to be won around the world!!!!

 And the prizes are HUUUUUUUUUGE.

 Even better there will be a photo and a video winner across each of the following Instagram Pages:

  • BudgySmugglerUK (UK & Ireland)
  • BudgySmugglerFrance (France / Europe)
  • Budgy Smuggler (Aus / Rest of World)
  • Smugglettes (Global). Smugglettes are eligible for the pages above also.


The total prize pool is valued at over $50k and this only the comp only runs until November 15th!!!!

What's in the ultimate Smuggling party package?

Great question! For winners, you win the following:

  • $2,500 AUD of Budgy Smuggler Credit.
  • 10 x VIP Tickets to Budgy Smuggler Day on the Park (Thursday, January 13th). This is a take over of Luna Park in Smugglers / Smugglettes followed by Sons of East playing by the Harbour. Drinks & Food Included. Valued at $3,000. For those who can’t make it Sydney at this date, we’ll coordinate another time or $3,000 towards your own smuggling party (eg. a bar tab).
  • A couple of cheeky surprises.

The runner up per category will win $500 Smuggling credit.

How to enter?

  • Select a famous scene or moment in time.
  • Re-create said scene in either a photo or video… but with your own creative flair.
  • Post to Facebook / Instagram and or TikTok with #MySmugglingRemake2021 & tag your most relevant page.
  • Entering confirms that Budgy Smuggler & its associated smuggling pages are okay to re-post the content you submit on social media and our website.

Judging Criteria

  • The entry makes us smile & nod in appreciation
  • Wearing Smugglers or Smugglettes - Bonus points if our new underwear, sock or bucket hat collections feature but this is not a requirement.
  • 50% based on the reaction on social media, 50% by an expert panel of Ordinary Rigs.
  • Bonus points if your photo features in the actual media.
  • Entries close November 15th. Winner announced Black Friday (November 26th, 2021).
  • Any entries breaking the law, putting yourself or others at significant risk of harm or likely to cause broad offence, won’t be considered and we’d prefer if you cease smuggling immediately.

Here's some inspiration from last year to wet the appetite...



Okay that’s it… comp is live now.
Get smuggling already,
The Budgy Smuggler Team

Budgy Smuggler Photo of the Year


Win your very own billboard!


Over the years we've been fortunate to have some of the most epic photos taken by Smugglers and Smugglettes all around the world!

After the success of the inaugural billboard in Mount Isa featuring Australia's Most Ordinary Rig of 2016, Dingo Dan Leyden, we thought we needed to expand our billboard collection in 2017 - so we did with just one billboard up for grabs for Photo of the Year... and in 2021 there are now THREE UP FOR GRABS THIS YEAR!


This could be you :)

In 2021 we have 3 billboards up for grabs in the following categories:

1. Budgy Smuggler Photo of the Year

(Must have at least 1x Smuggler in the photo)

2. Budgy Team Challenge

(Must have at least 5x Smugglers/Smugglettes in the photo)

3. Smugglettes Photo of the Year

(Must have at least 1x Smugglette in the photo)


Winners of each comp will have their own billboard in ANY CITY IN THE WORLD THEY CHOOSE! We don't care if you want it in a sleepy suburb, an outback town or major city - although the smaller the town, the bigger the billboard we can afford! :)   


How To Enter:

- Take a photo in Smugglers / Smugglettes and upload to Instagram / Facebook.

- Tag #BudgySmuggler#BudgyTeamChallenge and/or #Smugglettes in the caption.

- Tag @BudgySmuggler and/or @Smugglettes in the actual picture.

- The photo should make the viewer give a nodding appreciation.

- Bonus points for bringing a smile to people's faces.

- Entries breaking the law, putting yourself or others in significant danger, or likely to cause cultural offence won't be considered. #SmuggleResponsibly.


How Are The Winners Selected?:

Each month there will be a photo of the month nomination for each category.

Photo of the month winner will claim $100 voucher to spend at the website.

The winner will also gain automatic nomination for Photo of the Year.

8x wildcard entries are also included to make a Top 20 for each category.

In January 2021 we'll announce the Top 20.

The winner will then be selected based 50% on social media votes/likes and 50% on an expert panel of judges who will consider the criteria above.

You must be in the Top 10 of social media votes/likes to be considered for the crown!



Stay tuned for the 2021 Budgy Baby Comp and #MySmugglingRemake comp to be launched later this year!