The Ashes of Ordinary


The Ashes of Ordinary will bring a star-studded lineup to the stage, with the Top 3 Ordinary Rigs from the UK taking on the Top 3 Ordinary Rigs from Australia in an epic battle of Ordinaryness. It's your classic Australia vs. England series.

Team Australia:

- Dan 'Dingo' Leyden (c)

- Sean Dixon

- Nathan Byrne 

Team United Kingdom:

- Chris Steel (c)

- Euan Walker

- TJ Sims

The event will take place on October 27th at Sydney's Ivy Pool from 12pm.

Tickets Now Available: Click Here To Purchase Your Tickets 

- First Round Tickets: $30 (This round of tickets will close October 15th or when stock runs out). 

- Second Round Tickets: $50 (these are the final 100 tickets and won't last long either). 

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