Australia's Most Ordinary Rig Wrap Up

Australia's most ordinary rig 2022 wrap up

What a day!

Josh "Clutz" Clutterbuck was crowned Australia's Most Ordinary at The Ivy on Saturday, winning the hearts of the crowd and impressing the judging panel, which included the one and only Nedd Brockmann, 6x Red Bull Cliff Diving World Champion Rhiannan Iffland, and Rugby League legend Sam Thaiday.  

Clutz hit the ground running with style and pizzazz in the first segment, The Fallen Angel's Parade, where contestants had to create their own wings and strut their stuff on the runway, but with that Budgy Smuggler touch.  Josh had the crowd eating out of the palm of his hand during the Talent component of the day with an interpretive Dance piece to Kylie Minogue's 'On a Night Like This', which was as good, if not better than seeing Kylie live in person.  

His performance overall was strong enough to edge out Reynor "Reg" Guildford's rendition of Tom Holland's Umbrella lip sync battle, Marius van der Merwe's spicy WAP routine and Taine Boelen's physics defying splits (after singing con te partiro).  

Ashgrove's favourite son not only walked home being named Australia's Most Ordinary Rig, but has won $5000 cash, and $5000 for a charity / club of his choice, and a billboard in his hometown.  He'll team up with Reynor in 2023 to replicate his brilliance as Budgy Smuggler try to find The World's Most Ordinary Rig.  

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