Budgy Underwear: For Whatever Your Rig

Budgy Smuggler Underwear

For whatever your Rig.

What do Rugby League's Hottest Player and Australia's Most Ordinary Rig have in common?

Budgy Smuggler Underwear.

We're absolutely frothing to let you know that today on May 8 (maaaate) we're releasing something we're incredible proud of: our new Underwear range.

Keeping your tools secure.

We worked with customers who purchased our original pairs to create the best possible 2.0 version.
This is what they suggested and these are some new features of our new pairs:
✔️ Sweat-busting material
✔️ Anti-chafe thigh panel
✔️ Iconic Budgy designs

Ultimately we wanted to create a pair of underwear that no matter if you're voted the Hottest Rig in Rugby League or Australia's Most Ordinary Rig, that you can not only wear them but rock 'em with pride.
We think you're gonna love 'em.

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