France Opening - Week 1


We are live in France and our team is also alive (just):

Our first French Full Time Team Members: Guillaume & Nicolas (aka Monsieur Ordinaire)

The response was super! See below on the different times it took to reach 100 orders in a day.

Time to reach 100 orders in a day:

Australia: 10 years

United Kingdom: 3 years

France: 0.25 days

But...we forgot to organise La Poste to collect the orders 🤦🏽‍♂️ so we have had to carry a quarter of a tonne of Budy Smuggler swimwear 700m to the post office.

The first day of orders. La Poste was a little busy. Chief Smuggler Linny from Australia with his brother Nathan and our French team.


Before and after. Nicolas is running our warehouse, Smuggling customer service and will be on the road at events this summer.

learning the ropes

Nathan from our Australian team has been in town coaching our French crew. He has also managed to sample some local produce 🍷🧀. No wine in Bordeaux was safe.

orders are on route

It has been all hands on deck to get the orders out by 2pm each day.

And we're really tired so we're hiring more help. Thanks to everyone who has applied.

We're f*cked

More adventures to come next week.


Linny, Little Linny, Guiboy and Nicolas.

P.S. It was a family affair this week. Thanks to mama and papa Linforth for helping out as well as Manon & Jimmy. It really helped to get our first week off to a strong start here in France.

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Yah !! my home.. Can we here in NZ also buy what the Family in France see to buy from budby smuggler ??..

Antony Mackle

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