Merci Matt Giteau


merci matt giteau

A sincere thank you to the great and powerful Matt Giteau who has announced his retirement from rugby this week.

Looking back at the first picture on Matt’s debut tour, you’d be forgiven for not predicting that this would be the man who’d go on to terrorise opposition teams for the next 2 x decades and collect enough silverware to sink a very large naval vessel.

As Australian rugby fans, he was an easy player to cheer on in his stints around the world and particularly at Toulon where with fellow Aussie @drew_mitchell and won three successive European Titles, the Top 14 and built a following for the European Rugby in Aus.

More than the exploits on the field, I think we appreciated how Matt has carried himself off the field. Hard working, humble but with a bloody good sense of humour / fun. When this humble retailer was looking for advice about potentially moving to France for a stint with a young family, Matt’s wife Bianca was incredibly generous with tips & encouraging us to make the leap. We’ve also been fortunate to chip in with the charity founded by Matt’s sister Kristy at Win the Day who are doing incredible work to support gaps in the system for families of kids with cancer. 

Unsurprisingly a champion athlete on the field is surrounded by champion people off it.

On the Budgy Smuggler front, Matt was one of the first to wear smugglers before wearing smugglers was a thing and that has 100% helped Budgy Smuggler to start becoming a brand that’s home in rugby dressing rooms around the world.

Gits, thank you for everything you’ve achieved in your career on the field & looking forward to seeing the chapter off it.

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