NRL Limited Edition Retro Collection

Behind the scenes of our NRL Retro Photoshoot...

A couple weeks back we spent Friday out of the office shooting our NRL Retro Collection down at Leichhardt Oval. Here's how it went down...

The Models / Players / Punters
We've featured players from multiple generations led by the great Sammy Thaiday, current Sharks front rower Toby Rudolf and emerging SG Ball player, TJ Herring (Souths) .. plus some punters we found down stairs in the warehouse. The idea here was to connect different generations of smugglers as well as connecting elite athletes with elite punters. 

The Ground
We shot this at the hallowed turf of Leichhardt Oval in the Inner West of Sydney. As fans, there is nothing greater than heading to a suburban ground to cheer on your team. 15,000 at Homebush is a wasteland... 15,000 at Leichhardt is a Colosseum. The idea here was to connect with grass roots community. At Budgy Smuggler, we pride ourselves on being a grassroots company, looking after our local community and a local ground spoke to this. A shout out to the ground staff and council who were very accommodating!

The Car
The car featured is a 1975 Ford Falcon GS Coupe. We wanted to feature a car that was manufactured in Australia, just like the swimwear. In this case the Ford Falcon was made in Geelong. Interestingly, this was the first model where the exterior is a total original Australian design and we wanted a vehicle that gave a nod to Australia design and craftsmanship. And it looked pretty fckn cool! It was also the basis for Mad Max's 'Last of the V8 Interceptors'. A shout out to Dom who owns the car and you actually rent and drive this bad boy. She's a beast.

The Range
Our in house rugba league jersey connoisseur Jimmy Exelby curated the range based on his best memories of the stripes of different eras. Jimmy personally has 7 different Broncos jerseys and this was his sole qualification for designing the range. How did he do? What pairs do you love? What did he miss and you'd like to see in a future range? 

And that's a wrap!

How did we go? We'd love your comments below.

Jimmy, Linny, Bridget and the whole shoot team.

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You need to do a retro Gold Coast chargers pair


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