How The Search for Australia’s Most Ordinary Rig Began

A trip down memory lane...

"We’re gonna get so ripped for Schoolies"

These were the words from a teenager from Penrith (he had an amazing rats tail for the record) that sparked the Ordinary Rig concept back in 2015.

It was at this moment that the penny dropped. The same body image pressures that have faced women for a long time were now impacting young men. 

Ordinary Rig was born. 

My brother Nathan had wanted to do something to take the piss out of the totally OTT Victoria’s Secret parade for a while so we looked at a very Australian way to re-create the event where it focussed on the character of the people involved, not just how they looked. 

We want to be clear that this isn’t a sloppy rig contest either. We are not encouraging entrants to totally forget about their health. What we do want is for people of all shapes and sizes to feel good about themselves.

In the first couple weeks we've been stoked to see over 30 entries already. These Rigs are putting their bodies on the line for the 2022 comp and the chance to win $10k and their own billboard. 

There's still time to enter! Full comp details are here. Entries close October 3rd.  

May the most Ordinary Rig win,

Linny, Chief Smuggler

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I am such an old ordinary rig I am not on facebook, instagram or snapchat therefore does that preclude me from entering?


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