Wrap Up World's Most Ordinary Rig 2023


History was made yesterday when Nikolasa Lilo representing Fiji won our World’s Most Ordinary Rig Competition, taking away the ultimate prize pack that included a Budgy Smuggler modelling contract and $10,000 in cash.

Contestants from France, the UK, Fiji, USA, Canada and Australia fought it out in an intense battle in a series of segments ranging from a Fallen Angel’s Parade showcasing their very own homemade Victoria Secret style wings consisting of toilet plungers, sparklers and Barbie, to a range of far from ordinary talents.

A packed crowd brimming with sporting personalities and Sydney punters witnessed history when Lilo took home the chocolates on the back of a near flawless display of ordinary. 

Chairman of the Judging Panel, NRL great Sam Thaiday, was blown away by the contestants that graced the stage of Ivy Pool Bar.

His overall performance was strong enough to edge out Jimbo Reid from the USA who is no stranger to the big stage. Winning the crowd and winning their freedom, Lilo had the crowd roaring.

Admirable mentions go to all the rigs for putting their bodies on the line to not only entertain a nation but spread a deeper message about not focusing on what you look like but just having fun and not taking yourself too seriously.

1st place: Nikolasa Lilo (FIJI)

2nd place: Jimbo Reid (USA)

3rd place: Lucas Desaubies (FRANCE)

Until next time,

The Budgy Crew

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