The Great Goosey

We're searching for the World's Greatest Goosey

Every eligible entrant wins a free pair!

Show us your best Goosey and be in with a chance to win tens of thousands in Budgy Smuggler & Smugglettes prizes!

How to Enter:

1. Get in your Smugglers/Smugglettes

2. Choose from our recommended locations list below (a public place to get a reactionary moment)

3. Film your Goosey and post to your Instagram or TikTok feed (profile must be on public),

tag #TheGreatGoosey and tag @budgysmuggler

Once complete, submit your entry here 👇

Recommended Locations

  1. In front of a local landmark.

  2. Public Transport

  3. At a pub, bar or nightclub

  4. In front of a crowd at a sporting venue (without breaking the law)

  5. At a Wedding

Note: Anyone breaking local laws or doing it in a way where it’s likely to cause injury to themselves or others will be disqualified so please goosey responsibly.

What can I win?

Based on meeting the Judging Criteria*, every eligible entry will receive a free pair/set! (500 to be won)

Prizes for the Top 10

At the conclusion of the competition, we will select a Top 10 who will each win $1000 (or equivalent) in Smuggling Cash!

What if my goosey is really really good? Is there a Prize for the World's Greatest Goosey?

YES! This will be judged by the Great Goosey connoisseur himself, The Rugby Guy, based on the judging criteria below. 

The Winner of the World's Greatest Goosey will be awarded*:

  • $1000 Smuggling cash
  • $5000 cold hard cash
  • A Golden Goose Trophy

*Or equivalent in GBP/EUR.

*Judging Criteria

  • Quality of the Goosey itself/10

  • Quality of the Goosey Setting/10

  • Ability to make the esteemed judging panel laugh/10

  • Bonus point for yelling “Goooooseeeeeyyyyyyy” very loudly.

Terms & Conditions:
- Entries open April 1st and close April 30th
- Entrants must be wearing only Budgy Smugglers or Smugglettes
- Goosey must be performed in a public place 
- The judging of a genuine entry deeming a free pair will be at the discretion of Budgy Smuggler
- The free pair will be provided in the form of a voucher equivalent to the Smuggling item the entrant is wearing (i.e. Men's Smugglers, a Women's Two Piece, One Piece etc)
- This voucher will be the equivalent for a pair in the region posted and excludes shipping
- Entrants will be contacted via Instagram or TikTok and requested to fill in a form, vouchers will then be sent at the conclusion of the competition
- First 500 successful entries to be awarded free pair
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We entered the comp and are yet to hear back, how do we know if our entry was successfully received? Just wanted to make sure we don’t miss a step.

Tim Lloyd

Love it! Is there still time to enter and win a free pair?


Rod, a Goosey is a ‘goose step’! Check out some of the entries we’ve posted on our instagram

Zach, we’ve had around 20 so far – so still time to enter and snag your free pair!

Budgy Smuggler

I don’t know what a “goosey” is!!!
Please explain.
(I live in Sydney’s eastern suburbs, despite the “uk” address)


how many entries have there been so far?

Zach Forster

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