Meet our Boss Mums


We have had the opportunity to work with some inspirational, talented and special mums in creating unique prints for our swimwear. Meet some of our boss mums and learn about what motherhood means to them...

Sarrita King

Sarrita King is a Northern Territory based artist who created the Three Kings design in collaboration with her sister Tarisse King and her father William King Jungala. The design showcases country, sky and sun to represent their love and passion for storytelling.

We asked Sarrita a few questions about Motherhood...

What does Motherhood mean to you?

Motherhood for me is challenging the human body and mind everyday, through pregnancy where your body did something completely NEW, it created life, your body grew and carried another person, your heart pumped for two, and loved for two.  Your brain explodes with possibilities, all unknown as you're thrust into caring for a BRAND NEW human, who knows nothing, you have to teach them everything, guide them, protect them and ultimately trust them and trust that you've done that job right! Every day I am in awe of the limits that motherhood pushes us to and the intensity of the job that we have, that so causally flows from us into them! What a wonderful and draining journey!

Has becoming a mum changed your art and process, if so, how?

It has in that I cant work on the floor anymore. I used to enjoy painting directly over or on my artworks.Now thanks to rolling babies (those days are long gone) exploring hands, running feet and mindless nerf gun pop offs, I am now up on the table and away from most play. Having a home studio has been absolutely wonderful being able to watch them grow and play, and for them see me create and connect to our culture through art everyday.

What is the funniest thing your kids have done?

My two boys are full of funny moments on they daily, their impromptu dance breaks in the middle of shopping centres are a favourite. My eldest, Steele took to wearing a bright red bob wig for about a week, which was beyond bizarre and got a lot of laughs. One thing that sticks in my mind was when we were at a dance recital for a cousin, I was holding my youngest Grange, and the woman directly in front of us was wearing skin coloured tights. Even I did a double take at how close to her skin tone they were, and he just pointed at her and matter of factly yelled 'BUM'. As you can imagine the crowd all followed his point and many had silent giggles. The woman herself luckily didn't hear, and really did look great in them!

What is one lesson you hope to instil in your kids?

Kindness, be kind to everyone. Gently reprimand those who are not, stand up for the little guy. Teaching this is about finding teachable moments and talking it through in that moment, so they can quickly reflect and understand. Whilst also remembering that at 4 and 6 their minds might not entirely grasp it. If they know our expectations and learn daily empathy then hopefully that kindness will always be their first reaction.

What excites you the most about being a mum?

FUN! We try to be as laid back and fun as possible, as I think being a kid should be. Living in the NT means we have freedom. No shoes, no shirt, naturally dreadlocked mullets all not only get the OK but are actively encouraged. We want them to feel comfortable being themselves, and make people smile with their wild antics. I feel like being around them makes me remember that inner kid in myself. I try to never turn them down on chucking a frisbee, climbing a tree or catching a lizard or frog. 

Ryhia Dank

Ryhia Dank is a contemporary Aboriginal artist who grew up in a remote community and now lives in Modern Australia. Her paintings are storywork.

Gudanji/Wakaja people told stories through pattern and design. She called her storytelling- Nardurna.

Ryhia has created a number of prints for Budgy Smuggler.

As a new mother, we got to learn about Ryhia's take on Motherhood.

What does Motherhood mean to you?

Having fun with my daughter and helping her become the best version of herself.

Has becoming a mum changed your art and process, if so, how?

Yep, I feel like I'm more creative now though I have to pick and choose my time for art as I love spending as much of my time with her as I can.

What is the funniest thing your kid has done?

She sneezes and farts at the same time all the bloody time 😅

What is one lesson you hope you to instil in your kid?

That life is incredible, and it is what you make of it!

What excites you the most about being a mum?

Watching my little human grow into a deadly woman.

Happy Mother's Day,

Love the Budgy Crew

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