Introducing the Fairlight Beach collection from Smugglettes by Budgy Smuggler! These bikini bottoms are perfect for the adventurous beach-goer who wants to enjoy the sun and surf with peace of mind. Featuring a drawstring to ensure they stay securely in place while you catch some waves or snorkel around the reef, these bottoms offer both comfort and functionality.

Named after the serene and picturesque Fairlight Beach, this collection is designed for those who want more coverage without sacrificing style. The classic and versatile design ensures that you can pair them with any bikini top, while the soft and comfortable material guarantees that you can wear them all day long.

Whether you're exploring the depths of the ocean or lounging on the sandy shores, the Fairlight Beach collection has got you covered. So go ahead and dive into the waves with confidence, knowing that these bikini bottoms will stay put and keep you looking chic and stylish all day long.