The Search for Australia's Most Ordinary Rig




Win a trip to Sydney for you and a mate!
We are on the search for Australia's Most Ordinary Rig! The top 10 entrants will be flown to Sydney for the gala event at Ivy Pool in January 2018, with the winner receiving customised swimwear with photos of themselves emblazoned across the smugglers for them at 10 mates!

karls custom smugglers

Entrants will be judged...... on strictly some criteria:

- Should look like they could have been good at sport at some point in their life, although were most likely prevented via injury or robbed by selectors early in their career.

- Must be capable of launching a child from their shoulders several metres in a swimming pool.

- Should look like they can still run for a taxi and swing an axe

- Bonus points for likes/shares on social media as well as a description of the exceptional ordinaryness of the person pictured.

*A six-pack is an automatic disqualification. 

The search will be nationwide and Aussies are encouraged to nominate themselves or mates via the hashtags #OrdinaryRigAU and #BudgySmuggler on social media.

Entries close November 15th, with the Top 10 Gala Event on January 3rd.


While this event seems like a complete piss take, we are aiming to send the message that it’s ok not to be a completely shredded Instagram blogger.

In addition to the Custom Smugglers and flights to Sydney, our friends at Busabout are sorting the winner (and a mate) to a Busabout trip to Thailand!


The Ashes of Ordinary


An #AshesOfOrdinary event will then be held late in 2018 where the The UK's Top 3 Most Ordinary Rigs will take on the Top 3 from Australia.

 ashes of ordinary

The Most Ordinary will win the inaugural "Ashes of Ordinary" urn which will have smugglers from the original top 3 of each country burnt and placed inside.
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